Hello Passionate Planners welcome to my blog.  I am Asha Afrin and I am a graphic designer. This is my first blog and in today’s blog we will talk about how easily we can plan our week to stay efficient and focus in our life. Given our busy schedule and loads and loads of dates to remember we often miss out our important dates, such as your best friend’s birthday or maybe exam dates or could be date of an important appointment. Thinking what to do?

Well just plan ahead! Don’t worry it is not as tough as it may sound, in fact it is easy and fun. Planning your week ahead helps you in many ways.

If you are like me, then I bet you find, remembering important dates are more difficult then solving maths. Right? If you are nodding your head, then hi5 my passionate friend! ;p  To be honest this is exactly why I adopted the habit of planning my week ahead. I usually use a diary but you don’t need a diary like me, given you are just about to start, you can begin the free template that I have made for you all. Just make sure to keep it somewhere of your reach or stick on a wall, visible enough for your eyes to find.

Like you can see I have deigned these three free template of weekly page planners just for you all. This template can be useful for people for students, bloggers, professional job holders etc. I have kept options to suit your preferable style. In case, if it is still not working contact me and I will design for you according to your preference. These printables are easy to use. All you need to do is print it and BOOM! You are all set to get started.

You can start using it anyway you wish but still let me share my perspective of designing it this way. While designing I wanted to provide enough space for “TO DO LISTS” and “EXTRA NOTES” as I feel like many other one page weekly planners don’t provide much. So to begin with I would recommend to start off with the “Complete to do list” section.



This way once you have an overall idea regarding your week’s to do list, you can easily distribute them in the rest of the other sections. Moving on….


You have boxes respectively with the days where you can write in bullet points regarding the everyday plans.


Down below on the left first you have “MUST TO DO LIST” which is designed for your priorities of that week and you don’t want to miss them. Then you have two separate boxes for “CALLS TO MAKE” and “EMAILS TO SEND”, which will make it easier for your eyes to find specifically.


Together these whole thing will keep your week on track. You can print one individual for each week of a month and that way you have your month sorted out. Soon you will loose the habit of forgetting important dates.

I hope it my post was a good read and helpful, comment below to let me know you thoughts. And if you find yourself using it don’t forget to share your pictures with me in the comment section below. Have a nice week my passionate planners and Ramadan Mubarak!

Free Printable Download Here:

Weekly planner in Black Border

Weekly planner in Floral print

Weekly planner in Pastel


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