Hey my Passionate Planners, here I have another template sorta similar but with a bit of twist in it. Like you can see I have tried including motivational quotes in this one, as I can imagine how well we handle situations, when we get that little bit of motivation or a bit of encouragement.

If you haven’t checked out my last post then click here: P L A N S M A R T


I wanted to stick to simple border designs which is why I thought, simple black and white polka dots will be the best option. This template was made for my friend according to her need, but I can see it turned out to be great! As a result I thought of sharing it with you all, passionate planners. This quote has actually been suggested by her which reads,

“Everything that begins, must end. This too. shall come to pass.”

 Well I think, it is an amazing quote that speaks for itself. I mean, it truly did motivated me. I hope it does the work for you guys as well. So, without further due let’s look into the different sections of this free printable weekly planner page.

Well first we have a section for Projects….

1.1 This section is dedicated to tracking down all your project plans and ideas that you have brainstormed for your upcoming school work or office work or maybe for your house renovation. Could be almost anything. It will help you track down the week you started it and how long it took to get the work done.


 This section here is ideal for keeping notes for yourself, like those small things you are not sure of but want to dump outta your brain.


 Finally, this is the main part of the page that will make sure to keep you on track and of course, MOTIVATED!

Like always, let me know if you found it usable or helpful. Let me know your thoughts below in the comment section. Also knock me if you want me to make a customize planner page for you.

Ramadam Mubarak Everyone!!



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