Hello my passionate planners, today I am back with another amazing free template for you all. Given this is our Holy Month Of Ramadan, how can I not design a daily Ramadan template for you.

In my last post, the weekly planner template could be helpful for you as well, if  planning everyday is not your thing. If you have not seen my last post click here: M O T I V A T I O N A L… However, I am also planning to make a weekly Ramadan template. But for now let’s talk about the Daily Ramadan Page Template here.

For those who don’t know what I am talking about well, it is that month of the year when we fast the whole day and wait for the sunset to break our fast. Well this pretty much the month you can say Dhaka city never sleeps, maybe a bit in the afternoon, lol. But it is like a festive month as well as a holy month when we get the opportunity to start fresh and loose some of our bad habits.

So keeping all these things in mind, I have designed this Daily Ramadan Page Template that you can use for keeping your day on track.

Like always I have kept  three color options. You can get them in black, mint and pink. The PDF files will be given below.

Starting on the top, you’ll see the circles above labelled days, which you can use to write the respective date of that day or just simply fill it up to indicate which day it is?


Next here is a space given, which you can use to keep count of the Ramadan days.


Below that comes the part where you will track your good habits for this month, which includes the prayer tracker and Quran reading tracker. Unknowingly maybe but you will sense a good change in you as filling it up everyday, soon at the end of the month it can actually motivate you to practice these good habits everyday for rest of the year.

You know what would be the most interesting thing to notice about this? Well, it would be you! Yes, at the end of the month you can actually see the gradual change in you that has slowly transformed you to adopt a good habit, with no specific hard work to be honest. To motivate you more I have included a quote that, I believe, will help you to keep trying.3

Next to that you will have the freedom to write all those studies you got to do, or shopping that you have been planning and what about the matching dupatta you forgot to buy for your kameez. Of course, “calling the tailor” is like a must thing, that I already can say will be there. So start already!


Moving down you will have the meal plans space, I know it’s not easy to maintain a healthy iftar when you have all the yummy oily food around but still we can always try.

Staying hydrated is very important in this hot weather, so that we don’t fall sick and miss our fasting so mark down the glasses to see how many you’ve intake.


Other than all these, I thought of including a priority space and some extra spaces for “notes” where you can literally dump all the random thoughts that keep clouding your thoughts.

Finally my favorite part, this is the space where you will include something good that happened to you on that day, it be could regarding a good deed, or a good thing you learned or almost anything you want to remember from that day.


I hope this template will stand to be helpful and useful. Like always let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Also email me if you want to customize this design according to your use.

Ramadam Kareem!

Stay healthy and keep spreading goodness around.


Ramadan Daily Calendar (black)

Ramadan Daily Calendar (mint)

Ramadan Daily Calendar (PINK)


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